Comedian Shanti Charan's take on the weekly news!


This week I talk about Roseanne, Hero Spider Man, Memorial Day, Trump, Deportation, JR Smith's f*ck up in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Rudy Giuliani and The Scripps National Spelling Bee!!!

This week I talk about the new President of the NRA, R. Kelly, Melania's new "Be Best" Campaign, The Met Gala and more!

Sooo much has happened this week! From that crazy dude in Toronto that killed people with his van to Kanye West & his Republican homies, to The Royal Family, to Cosby's guilty verdict & lover of all good, Janelle Monae!!


This week I talk about the Santa Fe Shooting, gun control, the lady that took a dookie at Tim Horton's, American Airlines, The Royal Wedding and the new denim craze, BUTT RIPPED JEANS!

This week I talk about the NYPD's beef with Starbucks, the Koreas uniting, Kanye West, Donald Trump being nominated for a Nobel Peace prize and N'Sync reunion!!!